See Troxell education technology solutions in action.

Troxell Classroom Mobility - 1 to 1

Troxell is a national value-added reseller that has been around since 1946. We help schools incorporate 1 to 1 devices in their classrooms by bringing demo kits to them so they can hold and feel the devices before making a purchase.

1 to 1 mobility continues to grow bigger each year, and Troxell will continue to accelerate learning through the application and use of technology.

Troxell and Intel Partnership

Troxell and Intel partnered in August 2014, and in a short time, Troxell achieved platinum status. Our partnership with Intel enables us to tell the story of why an Intel processor or Intel based device is better than the next thing down the road.

Here at Troxell, we are proud of our ability to scale to large products, which is a key feature that will help both Troxell and Intel grow their business.

School Asset Manager

School Asset Manager makes it easy to manage all assets in one place so assets are not lost or misplaced. Tag each item, scan, and manage the movement and lifecycle from anywhere.

School Asset Manager is trusted by thousands of schools worldwide to help them save time, money, and stress. Call Troxell today to inquire about incorporating School Asset Manager into your schools!

Troxell's 2017 National Sales Summit Opening Video

The opening video from our 2017 National Sales Summit tells the story of how Troxell began and how we provide many solutions for all educational institutions.

We empower students and teachers to accelerate learning and prepare for the digital economy. Troxell provides classroom solutions for a better tomorrow…today.

Thank You For Attending the Troxell STEM Playground

In this video, we thank our vendors and attendees for coming to our first ever Troxell STEM Playground in San Diego from September 11th-14th, 2017. Over the course of four days, we brought the STEM Playground to five school districts to give teachers, tech directors, and principals the chance to experience our trusted partners’ STEM products firsthand.

Enjoy this fun recap, and keep on the lookout for more STEM Playground events in the future!

60 Seconds of STEM: Ozobot

In today's episode of 60 Seconds of STEM, Linda demonstrates how to use Ozobot! Ozobot is a cute, little robot that is perfect for introducing simple and more complex coding to the classroom!

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