Success Stories


The Georgia Department of Education was in a bind and needed to turn a project quick with a limited budget for an upcoming meeting.


SMART 800 Series Board including Projector and Speakers with GoWire Cable and wireless tablet.


2 Weeks

Challenge #1:

SMART 800 series boards are  on back order till first week of September.

Solution #1:

Fortunately, we have one demo system in GA warehouse with lower end of projector.

The Georigia Department of Education was able to get the system at same price and  used additional funds to get a  Gowire Cable (this allow visiting laptop to launch SMART notebook software without install Notebook on the laptop)  and a  wireless tablet.

Challenge #2:

During the installation process, the Troxell Installation Team discovered that we had received the incorrect remote for the projector from SMART.

Solution #2:

Troxell immediately contacted  the RA Department to get the exchange order expedited to uphold to the deadline of the 10th of August.   Our installation team made a  2nd trip the morning of the meeting to finish the installation to insure DOE can use the SMART board for their meeting that same day.

"Troxell has the best sales team and the best installers there can be.  Everyone is happy so far.  The installers were awesome!"

David L. Childers, CPPB, GCPA

Director, Internal Support Services, Finance and Business Operations, Georgia Department of Education