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Education Technology FAQs

Find answers to all your questions about Troxell-CDI's education technology and collaborative learning solutions.

Who is Troxell-CDI?
Troxell-CDI is the nation's leading end-to-end solution provider for education technology and collaborative solutions in K-12 and higher education. Troxell-CDI specializes in one-to-one classroom technology solutions that enable schools to standardize, easily upgrade, and monitor student progress and online behavior.

What kind of solutions does Troxell-CDI offer?
Troxell-CDI offers a full line of K-12 education technology solutions for one-to-one learning, collaborative and active learning pedagogies, as well as solutions for school safety, school asset management, and a full line of consulting and professional services. We also offer collaboration solutions and services for higher education.

What types of one-to-one learning solutions do you offer?
Troxell-CDI is the nation's leading provider of mobile devices for one-to-one classrooms within K-12 schools. We also offer:
•  A complete line of charging carts, mobile device covers and cases, stands, and headphones for one-to-one classrooms in K-12 schools.
•  Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions from Google and Lightspeed Systems that help K-12 schools manage mobile devices.
•  Wireless infrastructure solutions for one-to-one classrooms in K-12 schools.
•  Classroom collaboration software–including Hapara, DisplayNote, and others–that gives teachers and students a collaborative, digital learning environment that is safe and easy to use.
•  Lightspeed Systems web content filtering to ensure CIPA compliance and protect students from harmful content.
•  A full complement of classroom configuration services, including design, installation, and configuration to make deployments easier, faster, and less costly.

Do Troxell-CDI education technology solutions support STEM, STEAM, makerspace, and other collaborative and active learning environments?
Yes, Troxell-CDI specializes in designing collaborative learning spaces to support interactive, group learning in K-12 classrooms. These active and collaborative learning environments–such as STEM, STEAM, makerspace, and others–allow students to create, design, invent, tinker, explore and discover. Troxell-CDI, the nation's leading end-to-end solution provider of education technology and collaborative solutions, is also your go-to partner for flipped classrooms and 21st century classroom design.

School safety is becoming increasingly important...what solutions does Troxell-CDI offer?
Troxell-CDI is the largest reseller of Help Alert, a real-time locating system that provides students, their parents, and your staff with the peace of mind that, if needed, help is on the way with the touch of a button.

Is there a complete school asset management solution?
Troxell-CDI's School Asset Manager (SAM) combines QR asset tagging, scanning, document and media storage, network management, and help-desk requests, enabling districts and schools to manage all of their fixed, mobile, hard and soft assets.

Does Troxell-CDI provide education technology services?
More than 60 years of experience working with thousands of school districts makes Troxell-CDI uniquely qualified to provide expert guidance and consultative services that enable schools to drive innovation in the classroom. As the nation's leading provider of education technology and consulting services, Troxell-CDI:
•  Works with schools to design, develop, and deliver custom, scalable solutions K–12 schools.
•  Offers leasing options for Google Chromebooks, which can be the best solution for your K-12 school district when you consider budget constraints and PARCC testing requirements.
•  Provides expert design, configuration and installation services, allowing for easier out-of-the-box deployment of education technology without taxing your IT staff.
•  Delivers professional development and training that gives educators greater technical expertise and helps to develop a culture of continuous improvement in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere.

What about higher you have education technology solutions for higher ed?
Troxell-CDI is the nation's leading end-to-end solution provider of collaborative solutions–including consulting and professional services–for higher education.

I just need a couple of do I get those?
In addition to its full line of education technology solutions, Troxell-CDI offers a complete catalog with thousands of industry-leading products from which to choose. Click here to browse the catalog.