Collaboration Solutions for Higher Education

Troxell is the nation's leading end-to-end solution provider of
collaborative solutions for higher education.

Build active learning skills with a complete collaborative learning space solution

Higher education today places a greater focus on collaborative learning spaces where students work together on problems, talk about solutions, access data, and make multimedia presentations. Unlike traditional lectures, instructors move from group to group to facilitate learning.

Collaborative learning spaces require, above all, movable and re-configurable furniture, as well as work surfaces, lighting, computers, wired and wireless connectivity, audio-visual capabilities, electronic displays, and more.

Troxell can help you build end-to-end collaborative learning solutions that encourage greater student collaboration.

The question is... where do you start?

3 Steps to a complete Collaborative Learning Space Solution

Determine what furniture you will need to optimize collaborative, project-based, and small group learning.
  • Teaming/Nesting Tables
  • STEM Charts
  • Charging Solutions
  • Modular Soft Seating
Decide on the optimal mix of AV Components to support the learning activity and integrate with the furniture.
  • Flat Panels
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Doc Cams
  • Device Connectivity
Determine what you will need to create STEM/STEAM and Makerspace areas that align with your curriculum.
  • 3D Printers
  • VR Bundles
  • Electronic Building Blocks
  • Robotic Kits
Need expert guidance? Troxell offers a full line of furniture, AV, STEM/STEAM and Makerspace equipment - along with expert guidance - to help you create a complete collaborative learning space that supports our future leaders