Troxell BuyBack Program

Helping convert computers to cash with the Troxell BuyBack Program

How much cash is in your classrooms?

Boosting your budget with a buy back solution gives you room to breathe and makes meeting your education goals easier.

Troxell will assess your hardware and devices to ensure the best options for your recovery. Depending on the age and specifications of your current devices, we will buy back your existing hardware to credit you toward your new mobile devices and hardware.
First we will start with these 3 easy steps:

  • Inspection — Inspect your current technology
  • Valuation — Create an evaluation report for informed decision making
  • Recommendation — Offer a recommendation for keeping, cashing, or trading

How It Works
Schools submit an inventory sheet, with device quantities and specifications, and receive an estimate of the value.
Troxell submits a conditional offer, which includes all costs to remove and ship devices to our facility.
Devices are sent to the audit facility, or for very large bundles of equipment, a team can be sent for on-site inspection. The school will receive a detailed report outlining condition and value of the devices, along with final payment adjustment.
The school is provided best case scenarios for the options of keeping, repairing, cashing in, or trading up their devices.
Convert Your Computers to Cash with Troxell's BuyBack Program!