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Troxell specializes in one-to-one classroom technology solutions that enable schools to standardize, easily upgrade, and monitor student progress and online behavior.

Prepare students for the digital economy with one-to-one classrooms

The fast-changing digital economy will require students and teachers to be fluent in digital technologies and highly adaptable to fast-changing technology trends. A one-to-one learning environment lights a spark for students and teachers and puts them on the path to lifetime learning and discovery using technology.

Empower students and teachers with Troxell’s complete and integrated 1:1 Learning Suite solutions—featuring a wide range of devices and peripherals, collaborative software, and content filtering applications. We also offer a Buy Back program that will enable districts to advance/maintain their one-to-one/mobile devices initiative as well as flexible financing options, configuration services, and more. We can even help you do a test run to ensure that everything checks out!

Our nationwide local experts—and our valued relationships with industry-leading vendor partners—can support your one to one classroom.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Troxell is the nation's leading provider of mobile devices for one-to-one classrooms within K-12 schools.

Start with the fundamentals of one-to-one learning: mobile devices for classrooms. Troxell features a range of Chrome- and Windows-powered classroom devices to make it easy for your school or district to standardize on one platform. Choose from the most popular brands of mobile classroom devices, as well as peripherals and mobile device management platforms.

We can even help you set up a wireless infrastructure. Plus, our Buy Back and budget-friendly flexible leasing options ensure you’ll always have the latest working mobile devices in your classroom, school, or district.


Charging Solutions

Plug into learning with flexible options for powering laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Get started with mobile charging carts, desktop charging stations or public charging stations. Or turn to lockers and cabinets and wall-mounted charging and storage solutions that offer a compact footprint to keep devices organized and accessible.



Troxell offers a complete line of peripherals and accessories to compliment your one-to-one learning environment.

Choose from a full complement of peripherals and accessories personalized to your specific educational requirements—from headphones, keyboards, and mice to mobile device cases and screen protectors.

Device/Asset Management

Device/Asset Management

Troxell’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions from Google and Lightspeed Systems help K-12 schools manage mobile devices.

Ensure that students, teachers, and their devices are all on the same page with a mobile device management solution.

Mobile device management solutions allow IT leaders to easily address the security, reliability, availability, and visibility of school- and district-owned mobile devices. Most MDM solutions help with configuration, provisioning, security, backup and restore, policy compliance, monitoring and reporting, multi-OS support, and more.

But K-12 mobile device management solutions can also help teachers better manage their classrooms and increase student engagement by monitoring students’ screens, filtering content, downloading learning apps, and more.

Troxell offers several mobile device management solutions from Google, Lightspeed, Microsoft, and others to meet your needs.



Connect students, teachers, and their devices with each other—and the world—to engage students and provide superior learning experiences.

Today’s wireless classrooms demand wireless networks and infrastructures that are up to the test. Wirelessly transfer content from endpoint devices to projectors or displays, enable full mirroring capabilities with video and audio, and connect with classrooms and learning experiences from around the world.

Troxell can help you connect people, devices, and classrooms